Nude - Beneath The Beauty Spot.  The Alex Theatre, St Kilda

'Carina Waye enchants the audience drawing them into a world few ever got to see. She is bold, seductive, (and) charming...'  

Daniel Wilson - St Kilda News (full review here) 

'Waye’s performance is dazzling. (She) radiated intangible warmth from the very first moment... By the end of the evening, Waye’s transformation into Marilyn Monroe was uncanny...her resemblance to the icon was astounding, almost unrecognisable from the friendly Australian girl who greeted us all upon entry into the space. The line between performer and character suitably blurred, almost as if a magic trick had been carried out in front of our very eyes, one could have sworn it was the real deal up on stage.'  

Saskia Penn - Theatre People (full review here


Company - fortyfive downstairs 
'Meanwhile Carina Waye... land(s) all of Aprils brilliantly dippy dialogue and gives a superlative take on her butterfly monologue.'  Theatre People - Adam Rafferty

'And Carina Waye, Madeleine Mackenzie and Bianca Baykara are terrific in You Could Drive A Person Crazy, the Andrews Sisters-like pastiche sung by Robert's lovers.'  The Age - Cameron Woodhead 

'Carina Waye is suitably ditzy and comical as April, the airline stewardess.'  Kate Herbert

'Marilyn Monroe couldn’t play the “dumb” flight attendant April any better than Carina Waye.'  The Australian - Chris Boyd

'Carina Waye is truly delightful as April and brings some light to the darkness. “Barcelona” is wonderfully naïve and genuine.'  Stage Whispers - Coral Drouyn

'The bedroom scene with his flight attendant part time lover April (played with relish by Carina Waye) features the famous duet “Barcelona”. (It) is both sung and acted in that remarkable way where acting and singing are so seamlessly integrated that it seems the most natural possible expression of the moment. Simpson-Deeks and Waye capture the playfulness and the wistfulness of the not-quite relationship.'  Classic Melbourne - Peter Hurley